• Wednesday 16 October 03:33 PM

    A OR B?? SWIPE & CHOOSE >>Keto OR Vegetarian???? Keep SOUND ON 🗣🗣 for that 3rd 🔥🔥🔥 @foodiefitmealprep 💁🏻‍♀️ Impossible Ravioli ✅ Classic Keto Steak ✅ Foodie Fit saved my ass this week, 2 sick kids back to back 😭 But I had something to eat that didn’t make me (more) mad or sad... Best in the city, Don’t @ me #closetfatgirl

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  • Tuesday 15 October 04:12 PM

    When you are sharing but trying to take the BEST piece ...😂😂🥩 #closetfatgirl

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  • Tuesday 15 October 01:42 AM

    NATIONAL DESSERT DAY 🙌🏽🍬🍦 @thecamplasvegas ended our awesome “Instafamous” tour at Black Tap for lunch and you know I needed a MILKSHAKE 🍭🍦🍬 🍭: Cotton Candy Shake - YES or 😳 #closetfatgirl #dessertday #nationaldessertday #venetianlasvegas

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  • Monday 14 October 04:18 PM

    🔥GIVEAWAY 🔥🗣 WHO LIKES WINE & FOOD!! I am giving away a pair of TWO GRAND TASTING TICKETS (170$ value) for the USA TODAY WINE & FOOD Experience Tour in VEGAS!!! 📍RULES ARE EASY: ✅Like This Post, Tag 2 friends 📅: Event is 10/26/19 LINEUP INCLUDES ROY ELLAMAR, SUSAN FENIGER, & MY FAV!!! >>THE BELLA TWINS Contest will run today through 10/16/19 at 8pm PST Winner chosen at random, unlimited entries *This contest is not associated or affiliated with Instagram. If you like the sound of wine pouring then SWIPE >> #closetfatgirl #lvwfe #usatwfe

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  • Sunday 13 October 03:09 PM

    CAN THE DOLPHINS WIN TODAY??? 👉🏼 Where do you watch sports in VEGAS? Lagasse’s Stadium has TVS GALORE!!! Great food, and the perfect cocktails to console you. This spot is definitely where it’s at! Watch your VEGAS KNIGHTS GAMES, RAIDERS & MORE 🏈🏈 SWIPE to check out the scene inside and bomb food. #closetfatgirl

    1025 43
  • Saturday 12 October 10:01 PM

    FIND THIS UNICORN AT PRIDE DOWNTOWN VEGAS TODAY! 👉🏼🦄🦄 Sweet Saturday’s @thecakewagonlv Flashback to one of the cutest desserts I’ve ever seen!!! Grab one today at the Pride Festival #closetfatgirl

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  • Friday 11 October 01:27 AM

    I’M STRESS EATING TODAY. Pappardelle Bolognese for the WIN 😍😭🍝 What is your go to comfort food? #closetfatgirl 📍 @greenestkitchen

    1586 87
  • Wednesday 9 October 04:54 PM

    WHATS INSIDE??? 🍫🍫🍫 Molten chocolate cake 🔥🔥 salted caramel ice cream, cherry sauce SMASH OR PASS??? #closetfatgirl 📍 @taovegas

    889 53
  • Tuesday 8 October 06:29 PM

    Carnitas TUESDAY?? Check out these delish Carnitas Fries Those beans were spot on 🔥👉🏼 #closetfatgirl ▪️ @carnitas.king

    1400 48
  • Tuesday 8 October 03:55 AM

    WHO’S BEEN TO LITTLE ITALY IN SD?? It was my first time!! Loved this area and @ironsideoyster (recommendation by @stillnotafoodielv ) had the BEST lobster roll I’ve ever had & just a phenomenal dinner overall. Where’s your favorite SD spot fo eat?!? #closetfatgirl

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  • Sunday 6 October 03:48 PM

    A or B?? When things don’t go as planned... just EAT it. Sundays are so SWEET Have you been to @taolasvegas ?? Food • cocktails • dessert alll DOPE #closetfatgirl

    1408 66
  • Friday 4 October 03:33 PM

    TACO LOVERS - IT’S YOUR DAY! #nationaltacoday - Where you eatin? 🌮 👉🏼 @carnitas.king SWIPE Chicken/ Carne Asada/ and Carnitas Tacos w/ GUAC #closetfatgirl

    1355 73
  • Wednesday 2 October 04:46 PM

    WHO LOVES THIS CLASSIC OSCAR STYLE STEAK 🥩🥩 @palmlasvegas extra sauce for me! SWIPE 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 for MORE 🥩🦀 #closetfatgirl

    4514 72
  • Tuesday 1 October 07:36 PM

    FAVORITE STRIP RESTAURANT ⁉️ When people ask me I usually say anything @cosmopolitan_lv 👉🏼👉🏼I especially LOVE @beautyandessexlv They have this super whimsical dessert called the Beauty Wonder Wheel and it has ALL the best sweet bites. Don’t sleep on the jewels on toast or grilled cheese soup dumplings either! #closetfatgirl

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  • Monday 30 September 05:08 PM

    COOKIES N CREAM STICKY BUN 🔥 One of the BEST bites from our #sandiego Weekend! @tastingvegas @thelasvegasfoodie SWIPE >>> @t23hotel is doing it RIGHT. Brunch was AMAZING and the views didn’t suck. 🥂 #closetfatgirl

    1293 62
  • Friday 27 September 10:26 PM

    @instagram why you taking down my #carbloading ??? @amanolasvegas AGAIN... Flashback Friday COULD YOU FINISH??? Girls weekend, carbs needed. #closetfatgırl 🍕🍝

    55241 769
  • Friday 27 September 01:27 AM

    WHO’S NEXT LEVEL THIRSTY 🔥 This MEGA MARG serves 16-17 drinks Or you could AYCD TEQUILA ...ONLY $20 on TUESDAYS @greenestkitchen You can get MARGS, PALOMAS, SHOTS, TEQUILA COCKTAILS You readyyyyyyyyy ? #closetfatgirl

    2182 96
  • Wednesday 25 September 06:46 PM

    @lasvegasfill told me it was #nationallobsterday 🦞 🎥: “Big Ass Lobster” from @greenestkitchen 👀Watch until the end and you can see the lump crab ritz cracker stuffing. Try saying that 5x 💁🏻‍♀️ #closetfatgirl

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