• Sunday 18 August 04:38 AM

    #erwinwurm #houseattack #buenosaires ——nothing to see here folks ,move along please 2019

    88 0
  • Friday 16 August 05:19 PM

    #delos admiration and astonishment at the scale and depth of archaeological preservation #antonygormley

    75 1
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  • Friday 16 August 05:16 PM

    #delos #archaelogicalmuseum #antonygormley so many treasures

    153 2
  • Friday 16 August 09:27 AM

    #vitoacconcistudio bad dream house #albionbarn

    122 4
  • Tuesday 6 August 10:18 AM

    #richardlong circle of river stones 2019 - just completed at #chateaulacoste #aixenprovence more here soon I hope

    824 5
  • Sunday 4 August 08:58 AM

    #johnvirtue studio visit to Norfolk : astonishing again - moving past #franzkline #jacksonpollock #zaowouki #and on to a new place combining Asian and American painting traditions but never losing sight of #johnconstable or #jmwturner

    1394 6
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  • Saturday 3 August 09:15 PM

    #magdaleneodundo #sainsburycentre more marvels - juxtapositions strange bedfellows and coincidences

    104 3
  • Saturday 3 August 08:08 AM

    #bernarvenet #lemuy last seen st #chateaudeversailles this enormous sculpture is impossible to photograph but is a marvel

    149 0
  • Tuesday 30 July 09:22 PM

    #karstenschubert has left us I am very sad to say - Karsten had the bravery / guts / foolhardiness to allow me to do a Dan Flavin show in his charlotte st gallery when I was 23 - he encouraged me - and fuelled my enthusiasm - I am happy that we made a book this year for #johnvirtue under his #ridinghouse imprint with #paulmoorhouse masterfully writing the text —Karsten saw things before the rest of us and showed them to us and even when he couldn’t hang on to them he gracefully moved on - he had a wicked sense of humour which had to be appreciated because it always contained a vicious kernel of painful truth : I will miss him

    197 13
  • Wednesday 24 July 12:39 PM

    #richardwoodsstudio doors and windows - coming this autumn - #qlbion #albionbarn recalling so many admired artists #matisse #lichtenstein #duchamp and yet retaining his unique ethos and sensation

    812 5
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  • Monday 22 July 03:02 PM

    #olafureliasson “your hot colourful crowded experience” ! #tate modern

    117 1
  • Saturday 20 July 12:14 PM

    Not the visitor I was expecting to see at #nickknight roses today -

    233 19
  • Tuesday 16 July 06:05 PM

    #installation #nickknight #roses at #albionbarn sheer unadulterated delight produced by an #iphone #aı and the extraordinary skill and 👁 of a master photographer

    357 19
  • Wednesday 10 July 07:02 AM

    #nickknight #roses #albionbarn the sheer delight this exhibition is generating belies the technical virtuosity and the forward thinking use of #aı to produce these painterly marvels #iphone

    394 10
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  • Tuesday 9 July 03:36 PM

    #thomashouseago #museedartdelavilledeparis major overview of this #la based British artist perhaps most brilliant of all his performance/ film made 2019 with stellar array of fans and supporters

    126 0
  • Tuesday 9 July 03:34 PM

    #picasso #calder #museepicasso mesmerising juxtaposition and coincidental cross references just seem too perfect

    135 3
  • Wednesday 3 July 07:12 PM

    If you have never been to Perry Green #henrymoorefoundation go - it’s as simple as that : overwhelming works in understated context - I am not posting the interiors with thousands of works - thank you #godfreyworsdale for a spectacular visit

    1143 4
  • Monday 1 July 08:12 PM

    #joanavasconcelos little known and rarely seen drawings are spectacular-inevitably thoughts of #wassilykandinsky come to mind

    114 0
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